Carrier, continuing its reputation of excellence,

was awarded the prestigious Consumers Digest® Best Buy™ designation1 again this year for its Infinity air conditioner, joining the Infinity heat pump which received the distinction in 2008. Best Buys are selected on factors such as energy efficiency, noise levels, features and the manufacturer’s reputation for reliability. Air Conditioner San Antonio

Using Puron® refrigerant, the Infinity air conditioner by Carrier provides a high level of energy efficiency. With up to 21 SEER and up to 14.5 EER, the Infinity air conditioner is ENERGY STAR® certified. This product features the WeatherArmor Ultra™ protection system, enabling it to withstand the elements. And operating with the Silencer System II™ noise reduction system, the Infinity air conditioner is as quiet as it is efficient. A copper Microtube™ coil transfers heat outside to help maximize indoor cooling, and the Infinity electronic control board allows the homeowner precise control of the two stage operation, working directly with the Infinity Control thermostat.

The Infinity heat pump by Carrier is an ultra-efficient unit with up to 19 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), far above the industry minimum of 13 SEER. This high rating ensures consumers they are purchasing one of the most efficient heat pumps offered. The Infinity heat pump features two-stage operation and IdealHumidity™ technology. This innovative humidity management function enables homeowners to maintain ideal comfort in their home. They can enjoy longer heating cycles at lower fan speeds, which provide energy savings and more consistent temperatures throughout the house than single-speed systems. “The Infinity heat pump is simply the best on the market,” stated Consumers Digest. “We couldn’t find a whole-house heat pump with a higher SEER rating, and its HSPF rating is among the industry leaders. Plus, Carrier’s reputation for high quality is well-deserved with this model.”

Both technologically advanced units can be installed as a system. When paired with the Infinity control, the user has access to enhanced diagnostics, including filter change reminders based on airflow through the system and not on a calendar. Homeowners can regulate temperature, humidity, airflow, ventilation, indoor air quality and zoning all from one control. A remote access option on the Infinity control allows customers to change their system settings from a phone or via the Internet.

The Consumers Digest Best Buy rating is awarded, on average, to fewer than 3 percent of the competing models in any given product category. The Premium Selection for the Infinity heat pump and air conditioner by Carrier showcases the superior quality of the products, as well as the feature rich benefits and value for the money.
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