Yоur сеntrаl air соndіtіоnіng ѕуѕtеm

Yоur Cеntrаl air Cоndіtіоnіng Sуѕtеm Yоur сеntrаl air соndіtіоnіng ѕуѕtеm is made uр оf fоur mаіn components іnсludіng аn аіr hаndlеr, аn evaporator соіl, a condensing соіl, аnd аіr duсtѕ whісh deliver the air tо іndіvіduаl rooms thrоughоut уоur hоmе. All of the components of your аіr соndіtіоnіng ѕуѕtеm nееd to be саrеfullу mаtсhеd together [...]

Air Purifiers and Cleaners

Air Purifiers and Cleaners With the technology now available in terms of air purifiers and cleaners, you can be sure that the vast majority of particulate contaminants are being removed. They take out allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander, and some are also able to remove gaseous contaminants and neutralize odors. When you’re trying [...]

Stay Cool and keep your A/C running at Peak Performance.

The information below will remind you to stay cool and keep your A/C running at peak performance. The following is information you should know and use to help assure that your Air-conditioning is keeping you as cool as possible and working and cooling as efficiently as possible, saving you money. The following should help you [...]

Carrier, continuing its reputation of excellence

Carrier, continuing its reputation of excellence, was awarded the prestigious Consumers Digest® Best Buy™ designation1 again this year for its Infinity air conditioner, joining the Infinity heat pump which received the distinction in 2008. Best Buys are selected on factors such as energy efficiency, noise levels, features and the manufacturer’s reputation for reliability. Using Puron® [...]

Controlling a Heat Pump – Your Outside AC Unite

Controlling a Heat Pump - Your Outside AC Unite Like combustion heating systems, you control heat pumps by using thermostats. If you leave and return at regular times everyday, you'll save money by using automatic thermostats, which minimize energy use during the times the home is unoccupied. However, choosing an automatic thermostat's reactivation time requires [...]

Is there a thief in Your Ductwork?

Is there a Thief in Your Ductwork? Read This. Leaky ductwork steals away system performance, taking with it your investment in high-efficiency equipment. For example, a 13 SEER air conditioning unit connected to a leaky duct system with a 30% leakage costs as much to operate as a less expensive 10 SEER unit connected to [...]

Heat Pumps and Air Flow

Heat Pumps and Air Flow Poor installation, duct losses, and inadequate maintenance are more of a problem for heat pumps than for combustion furnaces. A growing body of evidence suggests that most heat pumps have significant installation or service problems that reduce performance and efficiency. According to a report on research funded by Energy Star [...]

Simple Ways to Improve your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Simple Ways to Improve your Air Conditioner's Efficiency Air conditioners are part and parcel of our daily lives especially in the scorching days of the summer. This gift of technology helps keep our homes cool and comfy even on the hottest days allowing us to move on with our daily lives without much hassle. However, [...]